The Centre for Health Sciences Training, Research and Development (CHESTRAD) is a global non-state, not-for-profit social enterprise established in 1992. It is registered in Nigeria as a Corporation Limited by Guarantee and is tax-exempt. It is also registered in the United Kingdom as a Company Limited by Guarantee (Registration number: 03249311) and is a public charity (1058387). In the United States of America, it enjoys tax exempt contributions and funds from its 501(c)3 supporting organization “The American Friends of CHESTRAD”.

CHESTRAD is not-for-profit in orientation, registered in the United Kingdom as a charity, enjoying diplomatic status in Nigeria through its pan-African health systems advocacy programme ACOSHED as well as benefiting from the its 501(c)3 supporting organisation, the American Friends of CHESTRAD.


CHESTRAD works to build secure, safe and sustainable systems that leaves no one behind.


At CHESTRAD, Integrity, Honesty, Accountability, Transparency and Respect for life guides all our activities.


Through acceptance, personal care and a deep regard for others, CHESTRAD fosters meaningful connections and a human centered environment.

Equity / Fairness

CHESTRAD works to ensure its actions and processes are impartial, honorable, and equitable for all.


We work to create value, achieve scale and minimize costs in all our undertakings


We work to transform development financing from begging bowls to cooking pots.

With our network of partners, CHESTRAD Global is building secure, sustainable systems that leaves no one behind. Get involved with our work in Africa, and around the world, today.

Our Focus Areas

We partner with governments and the public and private sectors, working at the local, regional and global levels on core issues

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Our Path to Impact

We are using evidence-based interventions, innovative  and data-driven approaches to transform the lives of the poorest, especially women and girls.

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Our Impact Stories

Through our work,  individuals, families and  communities, especially those with the fewest resources gain access to the opportunities and resources they need to succeed.

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