Goal & Objectives

“How many people were born last year? How many died … and what were the main causes of death? What were their names? How much do health systems cost and what services should they include? How can technology be used most effectively to collect information? How can the global health community manage large volumes of data? Who is responsible for ensuring that all people have access to health care?”

The answers to these and related questions rely on systematic measurement of health data, collaborative partnerships between members of the global health community and an articulation of shared purpose and responsibility.

To that end, the United States Agency for International Development, the World Bank and the World Health Organization are convening a global summit, Measurement and Accountability for Results in Health: A Common Agenda for the Post-2015 Era, in Washington DC at the World Bank Headquarters in June 2015.

Bringing together decision makers and thought leaders representing governments, multilateral agencies and civil society, the Summit will define a new health measurement and accountability strategy, which will articulate a common agenda for the global health community and result in the Roadmap for Health Measurement for the Post-2015 Agenda. The Roadmap will clearly outline smart investments that can be adopted at the country level to strengthen basic measurement systems and align partners and donors around common priorities.

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