Our footprints

CHESTRAD’s host country and area of primary focus is Nigeria. Its national network is an inclusive partnership covering public sector actors, the private sector, a broad range of non-governmental and civil society organizations, professional organizations, academia, and community-based groups in geographic areas of interest.

Health Systems Action: Lagos, Ondo, Edo, Ekiti
Reproductive Health and Youth Empowerment (TYE states): Anambra, Edo, Federal Capital Territory, Kaduna, Kano and Lagos.

The African Continent

The main focus of our regional action is to improve the sharing of knowledge and provide platforms for sharing what has worked and what has not. The latter is of particular importance, as African countries and organizations are often left behind in the dialogue on the health outcomes that affect them, and to which they must respond.Regional advocacy and action is fostered through the African CS-led Partnership for Health, with strong sub-national/district actions and linkages to national advocacy efforts for health. Country CS-led Health Partnerships (formerly identified as ACOSHED Country Chapters) are led by civil society organizations but inclusive of public sectors relevant to health improvement, namely health, education, finance and the ministry responsible for regional integration and cooperation. Membership is also sensitive to considerations of gender and country region.Their actions are catalytic, analytic and problem-solving, providing not only evidence base for advocacy, but also challengingexisting paradigms and actions that limit systems strengthening and constrain health outcomes.

Our other African regional collaborators and partners include: African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF), Kenya; African Union (Social Commission), Ethiopia; Ethiopian Public Health Association, Ethiopia; Health Systems Trust, South Africa; African Platform on Human Resources for Health; and the African Regional Office of the World Health Organisation, African Regional Office, Brazzaville.


Global advocacy for health and development strive to inform the global health debate with the African voices, building on the country level work of the Country CS-Partnership for Health and Development and providing context to drive global investments in health development in Africa.

Our work highlights not only the challenges that compromise achievement of intended outcomes of investments in health, but also opportunities for African countries and their partners to invest in innovations that can improve equity, strengthen health systems and sustain positive outcomes.

Global collaboration, working relationship and partnerships are extensive, including but not limited to the Physicians for Human Rights, Health Worker Advocacy Initiative, the Global Health Workforce Alliance, Nigerian Public Health Network, Oxfam, Save the Children, the Canadian Society for International Health and a broad range of other country, regional and global health programs and development networks.