African Regional Dialogue on Health and Accountability


The transformative agenda set by the UN Declaration on the Sustainable Development Goal was very clear in its intent to ‘leave no one behind’ . Equity, rights and universality are central to this agenda as well as innovative financing from various resources, blended to support aligned country owned initiatives across all sectors. Timely data of acceptable quality is central to the monitoring and review process of the SDG and forms the bedrock of accountability at all levels – country, regional and global .
The Health Data Collaborative (HDC) was established to respond to the 5-point agenda of the Measurement Summit hosted in June 2014. It builds on the work of the Country Information and Accountability (COIA) Platforms and further recognizes the need to align existing programmes and investments in data, taking this forward to impact on review and action processes for accountability. Civil Society (CS) has been very active in the HDC and has devised a draft scope of work in response to its commitments and terms of reference for the Collaborative CS platform . Although much consideration has gone into the development of the scope of work in collaboration with members of the CS platform of the Health Data Collaborative, broad-based buy in and consensus building is required across key global health initiatives, regional institutions and countries at the country level to promote ownership that can scale investments from all resources – domestic and international, as well as sustain action.
This dialogue builds on the work of outcome documents of two previous Health and Accountability Dialogues (Nairobi 2010 and Accra 2012 ). It further takes on board strategic directions in global health in the sustainable development goals. In particular, it seeks to build consensus around the work of the Health Data Collaborative to improve the quality of data, scale investments in data collection as well as promote timely access and use of data for various purposes including advocacy, policy dialogue and accountability. Tagged Lagos 2016, this third Health and Accountability Dialogue is co-hosted by the Government of Lagos State and CHESTRAD International, with support from Health Data Collaborative partners.
The regional dialogue is strategically scheduled before the major meetings and commitments around the UN General Assembly in September 2016, permitting the HDC and the CS platform to engage in advocacy and global policy engagement action around the UN General Assembly and its side events. The dialogue will build on previous experience by CHESTRAD International in hosting such events in the region and will seek to broaden participation to regional expertise, organizations and networks that are required to achieve and sustain success.

The objectives of the dialogue are
(a) Promote regional awareness of the health data collaborative and build broad-based consensus across regional, country and global levels on the value and culture of data.
(b) Engage country and regional stakeholders to chart options for improving data quality and use, building stronger investment cases for the data infrastructure and technology revolution that are essential to promote equity, sustainability and transformation, not only in health but to assure development that leaves no one behind.
(c) Consensus towards the development of messaging and advocacy strategies to promote investments in one country information system for monitoring, review and action in addition to expand the buy-in to the CS working group terms of reference and the above advocacy messages;
(d) Develop the action work plan with clear timelines and roles and responsibilities for activities including the roles and contribution of regional organizations


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