Chestrad International

Our approach seeks to harvest and apply evidence from research, community level perceptions and local context to the development of advocacy programmes and support of health systems strengthening and youth empowerment initiatives. The lessons and achievements from evidence are deployed as drivers of all initiatives and programmes of CHESTRAD at all its operational levels: country, African regional and global.

CHESTRAD identifies with the multi-dimensional nature of the African health systems and youth empowerment crisis, its consequent impact on health outcomes, and its constraining implications on youth deviance and attainment of the Millennium Development Goals. Our work programs recognize human capital, especially the development of public sector capacities and of young persons, as a critical asset for national development, and the impact of the brain drain and youth migration on development especially in the social sector (health, education, agriculture and wealth creation). How does a reverse mortgage work? Human Resource investments in the health sector is promoted on a multi sectoral learning platform that links health sector actions to those reforms required in public service administration, improved management of fiscal spaces, public sector accountability, and the overall development goals that promote health as both a human right and an economic asset.