Chestrad Nigeria

Governing Council

The Governing Council will comprise of 9 persons who are in themselves solvent and are able to give both visibility and credibility to the work of the Institution, nationally, regionally and globally. Membership will be for a term of 3 years for a maximum of 2 terms and shall be staggered amongst its members to ensure continuity.

Members shall be identified by the nomination committee of the Governing following prescribed guidelines to ensure that the skills and competence required are available for all committees of the Board and ensure that each committee has at least three members.

The Governing Council shall:

  • Ensure that the programs and operations of the Institution continually align with the vision of the Board of Trustees, the orientation of the Institution as well as the legal and regulatory requirements in all countries in which the Institution may be registered.
  • Ensure that the Institution is managed along rigorous ethical guidelines for charitable giving and management drawing largely from regulations established for similar organizations in the United Kingdom and the United States.
  • Establish policies relating to spending, management and secretariat governance, professional standards, investment and geographic focus.
  • Oversee the internal and external auditors, represent the institution before the public and review the performance and set the compensation of all of the officers.
  • Appoint from time to time such committees as deemed advisable and proper to realizing the goals of the Foundation.
  • Review and approve for submission to the Board of Trustees the annual report, strategic, business and annual plan of the organization
  • Appoint and have oversight responsibilities for the Chief Executive Officer of the Organization
  • Review the overall performance, making use of both internal and external evaluations, and Committee reports;

Each member of the Governing Council is entitled to one vote. No person shall serve as member of the Governing Council in more than one capacity.

Members of the Governing Council